For Trayvon Martin: A Letter to Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee


Dear Mr. Lee,

I, like thousands of people around the world, sat in horror as I listened to the 911 tapes of Trayvon Martin’s last moments on this earth. They were gut wrenching and terrifying. After reading more about the actions of Mr. Zimmerman leading up to Trayvon’s death, I grew more concerned. Your actions in the face of so much overwhelming wrongdoing is startling and disconcerting. I am sure you have young people in your life that you care for deeply. Can you imagine one of them coming back from the store in the rain only to be confronted by a large, aggressive stranger? What do you think they would do? Would you accept in the hours after they have been killed, unarmed and defending their life, that the stranger did it in self defense?

Trayvon’s life is as valuable as those of the young people that I am sure are part of your life. Respect it by giving his death the thorough and honest investigation it has long deserved. If your compassion can’t rise to the occasion on this case, I ask you to dig deeper and put yourself in Trayvon’s parents’ shoes. They lost their son as he was coming home with a bag of Skittles and an Iced Tea. In what world is that sane or acceptable?

To ignore the thousand of voices raised in protest to Zimmerman’s walking free would be a further miscarriage of justice. I urge you to do what is morally just; what is essentially American. Give the innocent a face and a voice. Investigate the actions of Mr. Zimmerman. Make him accountable for each step he took that eventually led to the death of Trayvon Martin.


Llanor Alleyne

Brooklyn, New York

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