My Collages in the “Living in Color” Exhibition

June is Pride Month.  In Harlem, The Casa Frela Gallery has organized an array of special events specifically for the LGBT community.  The first event, LIVING in COLOR, is a unique exhibition and performance installation celebrating both Harlem Pride and the pride of LGBT artists of color throughout New York City.

Conceived as a collaborative visual and performance art installation, photographer/body artist Ricardo Muñiz and writer/performer Clarence “Cito” Haynes looked to the power of color for this joint venture.  “Living in Color” features an exhibition of photography, acrylic paintings, ink drawings, mixed-media, water colors, collages and even a toy theater.  The exhibit opens June 11 from 6 pm to 9 pm and will run daily from noon to 4 pm through June 30, 2011.  On June 18th, from 5 pm to 10 pm, the exhibit itself will be a stage for a series of short performances and dances bringing the colors of Harlem to life.

“LIVING in COLOR is a celebration of living art in the LGBT community of color. It’s a joint recognition of both the colors of life and the lives of people of color,” states co-organizer Ricardo Muñiz.

LIVING in COLOR will showcase the art and photography of Ricardo Muñiz and will include exhibition pieces from Llanor Alleyne, Steven E Brown and Marivel Mejia.  The LIVING in COLOR performance installation on June 18th will feature the interpretive work of The Beautiful Ones, a multicultural collective of models, dancers, and performance artists who play with identity, pan-sexuality and fantasy.  The performance installation will include live nude body painting, jazz/folk music, sketch models posing for artists, modern dance pieces and a video installation.

General viewing of the exhibit is free.  For the June 18 performances, tickets are $15 general admission and $20 for artists wishing to illustrate female and male live models during a two-hour drawing session. Check for updates on the Casa Frela Gallery website at

A portion of the proceeds from the performances and from the sale of the exhibited art will be donated to charities that support educational opportunities for communities of color and/or provide therapeutic support for LGBT youth of color.