New Directions: Picnic

I have been quiet on the collage front lately because I have been exploring new materials and ideas. The latest involves the fantastic use of mylar and acrylic inks, which took me a minute to get a handle of, flow wise. I finally found a technique that I like and have started my latest large collage piece, Picnic, which will be one of the newer pieces that will be featured in an upcoming exhibit hosted by the Beautiful Ones art collective. I’m enjoying this new approach immensely and finding new ways to layer the pieces harkens back to my childhood putting jigsaw puzzles together.

Here are some pics of Picnic in progress. The heads/faces of my two women and the background will be another massive undertaking of paper cuts, etchings and layers but I’m looking forward to the days ahead and watching this rough beginning come together. The most exciting bit should be the removal of all of the masking tape.