6 for a 9: Exhibition with Ronald Williams


I have spent the past several months creating work for “6 for a 9”, my co-exhibition with Bajan digital collage artist, Ronald Williams and curated by Punch Creative Media.

Two sets of new work will be exhibited during the show. The Inklings represent a new direction in my exploration of the collaged portrait, utilizing only three or four colors to emphasize the figure — obscured, emerging, severed, put back together.

Inkling No. 9.jpg

Inkling No. 9

Six new color collages will also be shown, including a new five-foot silhouette work, and five new Cameo-inspired pieces that tap into a lyrical presentation of the female figure.

Tell me sister, how do you feel? (For T.Y.)

Tell me sister, how do you feel? (For T.Y.)

“6 for a 9” opens on October 17, 2018, at Morningside Gallery in Barbados, and runs through November 2, 2018.