Queering Cane Intervention at Barbados Museum & Historical Society During Museum Week

Artistic Intervention flyer L.Alleyne.png

My piece "Queering Cane: Hello, My Love" has been installed at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society as part of a series of interventions and programmes during International Museum Week (May 14-18).

"Hello, My Love" is installed in the BHMS's Cunard Gallery, disrupting a wall of lithographs and original prints by the Italian painter, Agostino Brunias (c. 1730 – April 2, 1796) , whose body of work typically showcases the "frivolities" of 18th c. plantation life in the West Indies.

Hello My Love in BHMS.jpeg

Absent from these works are the black bodies who toiled in the sugarcane fields and domestic settings that made such frivolity possible. In inserting "Hello, My Love" into this collection, I'm challenging the viewer to consider who is absent from Brunias' work as well as the life these missing people might have been exploring outside of serving the idyll/idle pursuits of the plantation class.