Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels

Located on Barbados's popular west coast, Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels upgraded the rooms of its 32-room, beach-front 32-room property, including the onsite hotel restaurant in 2018. In each room of the 4-star property is a print of my collage, Juhanah, while the restaurant features my commissioned original large work, Celine.

Image courtesy of Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels.

Image courtesy of Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels.

The Commission

Working with Treasure Beach's in-house art consultants, the client reviewed a portfolio of my work and chose to go with a print of Juhanah for each of its 32 rooms. After some consideration, the art consultants then commissioned an original large-scale collage for the on-site, beach-facing restaurant and bar. Printing was done locally as was all of the framing by Frame & Art Co. 

Treasure Beach_Celine.jpg


A 52in. x 40in. commissioned work, Celine hangs right of the dessert bar in Treasure Beach's onsite restaurant. The work features more than 150 individually collaged pieces mounted to give a three-dimensional impression of the figure. The work reflects the surrounding landscape as well as honors the staff and crew of Treasure Beach. 

Treasure Beach_Juhanah.jpg


Juhanah, an original work in the "My Girls" series of collages, hangs in all 32 rooms of the resort. In the instance above, it is situated in the bathroom of a ground-floor suite.