Fairmont Royal Pavilion

Fairmont Royal Pavilion, Barbados

A 5-star luxury hotel on Barbados's west coast, the Fairmont Royal Pavilion updated its rooms in 2017. In 72 rooms of this sprawling beachfront resort are two prints of my work: Scrap Museum No. 11 and Luce-Marie

Royal Pavilion ocean-front room. Image: Llanor Alleyne.

Royal Pavilion ocean-front room. Image: Llanor Alleyne.

The Commission

Working with UK- based art consultancy group Walsh Green, 36 first-edition prints of each collage were ordered and printed in Barbados. Framing was also done locally by Frame & Art Co. On its website, Fairmont Royal Pavilion has paid homage to each of the artist featured in its rooms, noting about my work: "Llanor Alleyne is a Bajan artist whose work has taken inspiration from her Bajan surroundings. Her use of collage was an interesting contrast to the work of our other artists. The pieces are organic and abstract. The abstract nature of the work means they are wholly subjective and can therefore be interpreted by different people in a variety of different ways."

Fairmont Hotel_Scrap Museum 11.jpg

Scrap Museum No. 11 (2016)